Wedding Packages


Anemones Package

This bridal bouquet set captures attention. The charming cream/white silk anemones surrounded by realistic white calla lilies then colored by black ostrich feathers. Each anemone has a rhinestone in the center. The handle is french knotted in black satin with a row of rhinestones! The bridesmaids bouquet are elegantly ribbon wrapped in black satin (no french knots). French knots can be requested for an additional charge.

Set includes:anenomie corsages and bouts package

  • 1-Bride’s bouquet:Cream /white silk anemones (rhinestones in center)and white calla lilies, french knotted black satin ribbon and rhinestones down the bouquet, black feathers placed underneath the bouquet.
  • 3-Bridesmaids: Cream/white roses and cram/white silk anemones with black feathers only at the bottom of bouquet (like bride’s), Handle wrapped in Black ribbon accents, rhinestone on the handle. Only bride’s bouquet has rhinestones in the anemones unless otherwise requested.  **Ribbon accents can be changed**
  • Toss Bouquet.
  • 1-Groom: White calla lily black feathers wrapped in Black ribbon with black gems.
  •  3-Groomsmen: Cream/white anemone, black feathers and black gem wrapped in black w/black tie
  • 2 Fathers:Cream/white anemone and black gem (feathers) wrapped in black w/Black tie.
  • 2 Mothers: Corsage:(Wristlet) Cream/white silk Anemone with a black bow and feathers.



Calla Lily Package

This is a gorgeous wedding package.

This package includes:calla lily package

  • a bridal bouquet
  • 3 bridesmaid’s bouquets
  • a junior bridesmaid bouquet
  • a groom boutonniere
  • 3 groomsmen bouts
  • 2 fathers’ bouts
  • 2 mother of the bride corsages

The Bridal bouquet is made with white Calla Lilies with the stems wrapped. The bridesmaids’ bouquets are made with green calla lilies with the stems wrapped and the smaller mixed green and white. A bouquet for a junior bridesmaid or flower girl. The Grooms bout is a white calla lily with ivy and groomsmen bouts are white bouts with green calla lily. The ribbon colors can be changed to match your wedding. Also, this package can be made with different color calla lilies to suit your preference.



Pink Roses, Calla Lilies, Hydrangeas Package

pink calla lilies bouts package

pink calla lilies green hydrangeas bridal bouquet package

pink bridesmaids package

These classic pale pink Roses, Calla Liies and Hydrangeas accented with lime green snowballs (snowballs may differ slightly) bouquets satin wrapped
These are very substantial bouquets!!!!

This set includes:

  • 1-Bridal bouquet: White realtouch roses, soft pink silk roses, pink/green hydrangea Green snowball (snowballs may differ slightly) and pink calla lilies clear pale pink crystal, satin  wrapped.
  • 3-Bridesmaid bouquet: Smaller version of brides handle wrapped in soft pink silk
  • 1-Toss bouquet
  • 1-Groom’s boutonniere: Cream/white realtouch rose with pink hydrangea bud wrapped in ivory with crystal.
  • 3-Groomsmen: Pink calla with hydrangea bud wrapped in soft pink silk ribbon with crystal.
  • 2-Fathers boutonniere: Pink calla with hydrangea bud wrapped in soft pink satin wrap with crystal.
  • 2-Mothers corsage: Pink calla lily with hydrangea with a ivory bow and pink crystals.



Roses and Hydrangeas Package

This set includes:rose package

  • 1-Bride’s bouquet: Cream/white “REALTOUCH” roses and rhinestone winter white Bridal bouquet wrapped in white satin ribbon. Handle is accented with four rows of brilliant rhinestones. 9 1/2″ round.
  • 1-Toss bouquet: Smaller version of the bride’s bouquet.
  • 4-Bridesmaid’s bouquets: Cream/white “realtouch” roses, green snowballs and blue hydrangeas wrapped in navy blue satin ribbon with a brillant rhinestone accent on the handle. 8″ round.
  • 1-Wrist corsage: Cream/white “Realtouch” rose, green snowball and blue hydrangea buds with a white bow, celestial gem attached.
  • 1-Father’s Boutonniere: Cream/white “realtouch” rose, green snowball and blue hydrangea buds accented with a celestial gem.
  • 1-Groom’s boutonniere: Cream/white “realtouch” rose, green snowball and blue hydrangea buds accented with a celestial gem wrapped any color.
  • 4-Groomsman Boutonnieres: Cream/white “realtouch” rose, green snowball and blue hydrangea buds accented with a celestial gem wrapped any color.